Monday, October 19, 2009

penny & co.

I met Penny a few months ago at the DAYL's shoot. When she mentioned she was looking for a family photographer, Dena recommended me. And I could not have been more thrilled. Aside from the fact that his name was Chandler, I was told that the camera loved the boy. Let me say, Chandler did not disappoint the camera. Or me. So gorgeous, so sweet, and so smart! He immediately appreciated my wacky sense of humor, going so far as to mimic me every time I made a joke! And when it came time to pose with big sister Gracie (who happens to be a very sweet weimaraner), he knew just what to do. And so did she. Penny and Matt could not have been nicer, and I appreciated the fact that they drove all the way in from Irving (to Rockwall) just to pose for me. It was about impossible to narrow the peek to just a handful, but I did my best. Guys, thanks for such a fun-filled session! Enjoy your sneak!

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