Sunday, October 25, 2009

jenny & co.

Two Junes ago, when I had just started this whole photog thing, Jenny booked me for a session with herself and her daughter, Camille. The session was a success, and Camille became one of my many little muses. And so began my love affair with Jenny & Co. She's just one of those people who clearly defines simple elegance. I am still swooning over the sweater she wore to last evening's session, as well as the boots she paired with Camille's dress. I die. Literally. The last time we met for pictures, new baby Ford had christened his heirloom christening gown (so to speak). I couldn't believe how much he'd changed in six months. Like his gorgeous sister, he has some killer baby blues. And like his sister, he is Mr. Personality in front of the camera. Jenny had warned me that he had just started crawling and taking pictures of him might be a challenge. Not in the least. He sat, he posed, he smiled . . . and I'm proud to report he earned himself the title of Mr. Muse. Patrick, the patriarch of the lovely family, is always so good at laughing at my jokes, and he usually has a few zingers of his own. I always, always, always have so much fun with this family, and I really think I should entitle this post Jennyficient & Co. I think we were done with our session in less than an hour. And with two little ones, that is no small feat. It was practically impossible narrowing the sneak down to just a few, but I did my best. Guys, thanks so much for letting me, once again, capture this time in your lives. It's always a pleasure, and enjoy your sneaky to the peeky!

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