Monday, October 26, 2009

lauren & co.

Sweet, sweet Sophie. They don't make them any calmer than this beautiful baby. When Lauren and Paul brought her out for her newborn portraits six months ago, at six weeks, I was in a panic. But as I wrote then, she was c. a. l. m. Calm. And at six months, she hasn't changed much. Oh sure, the to die for hair is even redder. And those gorgeous eyes an even lovelier shade of deep blue. That beautiful little pout a bit poutier . . . but she's still the calmest little thing around. And those rolls. Let's just say, I was in heaven. And I could, and you know I would, surely go on and on about this delightful little baby, but I want to share someone else's thoughts with you instead. While we were shooting, and in an attempt to make Sophie smile, Paul and Lauren kept singing the cutest little tune. It was so adorable. So catchy. And I wanted the words to sing to my own kids. When they told me it was a song Lauren made up for Sophie, I just about died! And then, of course, I wanted the words to share with you. Try NOT to smile (or raid the pantry) once you read it. So between Paul's "shhhoooooshing" in the newborn's ear trick and Lauren's confection of a lullaby, I'm stocked full of some sweet tricks for your little ones, dear reader. And, without further ado, Lauren's song for Sophie (which has since been stuck in my head):
Who's got jelly bean toes
and a gumdrop nose,
licorice lips,
and gummy earlobes?

Coconut eyebrows
and peach fuzz hair,
blueberry eyes and
cream puff cheeks?

Truffle chin
and a marshmallow tummy,
eclair fingers make [baby's name] so yummy!!

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