Monday, October 19, 2009

diane & co.

Every Monday morning, Diane faithfully checks this very blog. And every few Mondays, she is moved to write me a message or two about all of you. I know this, because she's done it. For well over a year now. And each and every time she takes the time to do it, I'm always so touched. But not in the least surprised. I have lost track of how many times I've worked with Diane, Hank, Haley and Jack. My first experience with them was so much fun, and it just keeps getting better each time. Aside from the "great pictures" emails she'll send me, from time to time we'll email about our experiences regarding motherhood, etc. The day before the shoot, for example, she emailed to tell me that she and Hank weren't necessarily feeling the "picture perfect" vibe that day, and that I might have my work cut out for me. Not in the least. The entire family looked great and, as always, Diane did a phenomenal job with the wardrobe. Haley, of course, vogued with the best of them and provided countless priceless expressions for me to capture. And Sweet Boy Jack: without giving away all of my secrets, sometimes I'll tell my youngest subjects that I'm gonna give them a kiss. It usually brings out the biggest smiles . . . but not for Jack. He looked at me very seriously for a split second, looked away with just as much seriousness, and then got up and marched right over to plant one right on my cheek. O. M. G. That was a first, and so very sweet. In some of my maternity and newborn posts, I'll allude to a client's struggle to make it that far, or to finally hold the baby in their arms and relish the taste of victory. I never knew Diane and Hank when their babies were babies. But I do know that their desire to have a family put them on a journey that led them all the way to Guatemala. And although Diane may not have carried Haley and Jack in her belly, she and Hank most certainly carried them in their hearts. And upon meeting this family for the first time, and hanging out with them each time thereafter, it is abundantly clear that they were meant to be together. You can learn more about Haley and Jack's birthplace by visiting Diane and Hank, the kids were great. I had so much fun with you guys, and I hope you enjoy your sneaky to the peeky!

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