Sunday, October 25, 2009

jessica & co.

The sweet little family of three met me at the Arboretum last week for baby boy's one year portraits. And since Mama is someone who records almost every second of baby boy, the focus of this shoot was family. Daddy Derek took time off from work (major points for him), and Jessica did an outstanding job coordinating everyone's outfits. And little Ellis? What can I say? He was a natural. For just having turned one, he's very verbal and would enthusiastically "talk" to me while I was behind the lens. "Yeah!" and "Hey!" were just a few of the words he loves to say right now. And my how he loves to people watch. A group of field trippers walked by at one point, and Ellis smiled and waved at them, playing the total ham. I honestly think he would have run off and joined them for the rest of the tour had we let him. Social, adorable and oh so charming, he was such a sweetheart. Derek and Jessica, it was wonderful working with you! Thanks so much for letting me capture this time, and enjoy your sneak!

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