Thursday, October 8, 2009

becca & co.

Miss Eva. At three. This happened to be my fourth time to work with the gorgeous little girl, and I wanted to do something a bit "funkier" this session And as luck would have it, her haute mama, Becca, was thinking the same thing. We decided on Deep Ellum, and it was the perfect venue for our shoot. Eva, as always, was ever the professional. It took her all of 3.8 seconds to warm up/remember me, and then it was show time, folks. I always think Eva is a year older than she is. I had to keep reminding myself during the session that she had just turned three. Which was astounding to me, because she was behaving like a six year old. Becca had gone out the day before the shoot to scout some locations. Truth be told, I did, too. But after getting lost . . . and then scared . . . . I bagged the scouting trip and figured I'd be safer the next day with Becca. And Eva. I digress. My point is, Becca did a great job finding some great spots, and she did a phenomenal job picking out the little supermodel's Glamour Grunge outfit. I've worked with Eva since before she turned two. And back then she had the most adorable little habit of sucking her thumb and twirling her hair. It was so endearing to see that some habits die hard, as Eva immediatley found her thumb and hair when she spied a Seth Rogen look-alike chef on a smoke break in the alley. I think I must say this in every other post. And I know it must have gotten annoying 183 posts ago . . . but I really would be nothing without my clients. Becca was one of the first people to take a chance on me. And from that first session in the bluebonnets two Aprils ago, I was able to meet so many of you. Becca, thanks for an amazing session with your amazing little girl. I had So. Much. Fun. Enjoy your sneak, and next time I'll try to dial the Scaredy Meter down a notch or two.


  1. Your model is a natural. A thousand expressions and a thousand poses.
    The most photogenic kid I have ever seen.

  2. Beautiful Eva and vibrant colors. Love them all.