Monday, October 26, 2009

jennifer & co.

Little Carter came to see me on Sunday. And his bright blue eyes and gorgeous smile was exactly what I needed to start my marathon day of sessions. Carter was a sweet, gorgeous newborn. And at six months, he's even sweeter and more gorgeous than the day I met him. Mama Jennifer picked out the cutest little sweater for him, and Daddy Ryan picked out the coolest pair of jeans for himself. Or Jennifer did. Or he picked them out and she bought them . . . or something like that . . . just don't ask them. At least not when they're together. ;) I had such a fun time with this sweet little guy, and we even went out back to my own little "pumpkin patch" and took some halloween costumes pics. Does he not make the cutest monkey, dear reader? I also had fun with his very sweet parents. And it's always a treat when I get to hear stories of Mom and Dad before they were Mom and Dad. Like when Jennifer was about to become Mrs. Ryan . . . and her little flower gir stepped on her veil and ripped it out of her hair, literally as she was about to walk down the aisle! Can you imagine that photo opp, dear reader? Jennifer and Ryan, it was so much fun. He is just about the sweetest thing, and I hope you enjoy the sneak!

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