Monday, October 26, 2009

sury & co.

Sury, Sury, Sury. She was one of my first clients, and at the time I had not ventured into the world of blogging. Had I blogged then, I surely would have written what I am about to write now: her family is one walking Ralph Lauren ad. Back then, we met in her parents' yard for some immediate family pics. This past Saturday we met in Highland Park for some extended family pics. Sury and David's children, and the couple's nieces and nephews, were recently in a wedding. So Bubbe and Zede wanted pics of their "delicious babies" all decked out. The kids looked smashing, and the adults ate them up. After the Cousins Pics, Sury and David did not pose, I repeat did not pose (David is not a fan of the posey shots and goes for more of the . . . Ralph Lauren style spreads you see in magazine ads, actually . . . ) for pictures with the kiddos. Such a fun family, and it was neat seeing all of them interacting with each other. After the session had ended, and as Sury and her family made plans for a great big family dinner, I asked David if Sury and her sibs were close. Without hesitating, he replied, "They're best friends." And I'm pretty sure I see that word in the cousins' future, too. Guys, thanks for not posing with me on Saturday. It was so much fun. Enjoy your sneak!

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