Tuesday, October 6, 2009

kristy & co.

Mother Nature had other plans in store for my session with Kristy and her boys. Which turned out to be a very good thing, actually, because this lovely little family got to model one of my new favorite things: a vintage, red velvet chair! The chair went perfectly with their black, red and white color scheme, and the boys could not have been cuter. This family photo session was supposed to include Harley, the four legged member of the family, but at the last minute (thanks to the rain), Kristy and Bryan decided it was better to leave him at home. Even without the Harley factor, we still managed to get some great shots of the family. Nathan and Dylan were in uber-adorable mode that morning, and Bryan displayed some mad-animal-sound-skillz that had both the boys and myself in stitches. I first worked with this family a year ago this fall . . . when baby brother was truly a baby, and big brother was just starting to walk . . . Now they are both running everywhere, and it's just astounding to me that I've been able to watch them grow up. I think it goes without saying that I. Love. My. Job. And watching all of your cuties, dear reader, grow up in front of my lens is a big reason why. Guys, thanks for being so flexible with the weather drama and coming out to see me! As always, it was a pleasure. Enjoy your sneaky (and pat pat to Harley!).

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  1. Toooooo cute!!!! Looks like EVERYONE was having a great time!! Hugs & kisses all around...~Grammy Ann