Friday, November 20, 2009

michelle & co.

The last time I saw baby Bennet, his hair was much redder and he was crawling. Fast forward 5 months later, and his hair is a lovely shade of blonde. And he's running. Everywhere. But still with that sweet little smile that made me fall in love with him a year ago this month! And Miss Ella. What can I say? I don't know if she loves me. Or the camera. Or both, but my goodness can that child vogue with the best of them. Michelle had scheduled this family session a few months ago, specifically for a family photo. In September, Ella received a lovely turqouise pettiskirt for her birthday ... and she was smitten. She informed Michelle that not only would family photos be taken during the session, but so would Ella in the Pettiskirt photos. And the little fashionista actually went out and picked a pair of sassy pink and white boots to compliment the fluffy skirt. At 4. I die. Chris, god bless him, made the one hour drive out to Rockwall to join his family for a few photos before having to head back to work. And then Michelle and I were left with the wee ones. After you have worked with someone several times (and I know I've said this before), it's like seeing old friends. Michelle and I bonded over the dangerous delisciousness that is Halloween candy and classroom Thanksgiving parties. It was a fast, furious and fun session, and it's always a pleasure. Michelle and Chris, thanks so much for coming out my way. Enjoy your holidays, and enjoy your sneak!

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  1. I love them! They're all so sweet. Can't wait to see the rest. Thanks, Jenn!!