Monday, November 16, 2009

dawn & co.

We had only met once before when I came to take pictures, and that was almost a year ago. Yet when she spied me turning around the corner, little Jessica came running to me with open arms and the sweetest smile. I couldn't believe she remembered me (and so fondly at that!), and the sweet reunion set the tone for the entire session. Jessica, as mentioned previously, was ready to pose in a second: hugging trees, all smiles and just the little ham. Lovely Shayna quickly warmed up to the lens, and with a few hello's to Ariel and Flounder, we were old friends again. Baby Jordan is not quite a baby anymore. So dapper in his khakis and Polo, he was quite the poser. He's started a new habit of making "the cheesey smile". Dawn promised me 10 points if I could capture it. You be the judge, dear reader, if I succeeded in her request. Dawn and Brad, it was so great seeing you guys again. Your kids were adorable as ever, and I didn't see one bit of MJ in your hair, Dawn. For those of you, by the by, in the market for a new home, Dawn is a great realtor. You can check out her website here, or you can email her here. Thanks for coming out to see me, guys! It was too much fun. Enjoy your sneak!

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