Tuesday, November 17, 2009

kathy & co.

When we descended the steps into gorgeous Prather Park, the first thing Ethan said was, "Wow! Look at all the leaves!" And he was right. The gorgeous fall foliage was literally falling from the trees, lining the walk ways and covering the ground. The little three year old cutie was fascinated by them, and I think if we had allowed him, he would have collected every single one. Baby Emory and sister Elena also loved the park, and Kathy and Anson were so calm and patient with their little ones (especially when Ethan decided he could scale the bridge over the creek!). I learned two things about this lovely family of five that day: a sure fire way to get Laney to smile is to bribe her with pineapples, and little Ethan thinks his daddy goes to work to make them animal crackers (Anson brought some home for the kids last week, and they assumed he had made them at work). Too cute, and this family was too sweet. Thanks for coming out to meet in HP, guys. Enjoy your week and your sneak!


  1. LOVE THEM!!! So excited to see the rest of them - thank you!!