Monday, November 23, 2009

rebekah & co.

We last saw each other a few months ago, for Hutch's 18 month pics. Two months ago, to be exact. "I'm as big as a house," Rebekah warned me, well into her 6th month of pregnancy at that point. Believe me when I say, she did not look pregnant. At all. In fact, standing next to her (and not prego), I looked like her surrogate. They came back again to see me yesterday for holiday card photos. She's due exactly a month from now. Believe me when I say, she looked barely pregnant. And I mean barely. Hutch loved exploring all the fun toys I have in the studio, and Chip loved chasing after him. Or did he? After some shots inside, I hopped in the family car and took them to my favorite old road. I think if we had let him, Hutch would have driven the tricycle down the entire road. With or without us. Guys, it's always so much fun seeing you. I am so excited for the baby brother or sister you will be giving Hutch, and I wish you much luck in the last month. Enjoy your Thanksgiving, and your sneak!

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