Friday, November 13, 2009

nicole & co.

Little Miss Madeline came to see me for her six month portraits last week. And this little strawberry blonde, blue-eyed cutie was teeting in a major way! Orajel is definitely at the to pof her Christmas list this year. Poor little baby girl had to suck on cold washcloths in between shots; yet she still managed to shoot us some very sweet smiles in spite of her pain. What was even more impressive was that she smiled for us at all, as we were clearly cutting into her naptime (the picture below of her falling asleep on mama's shoulder is one of my new faves). I think I've mentioned it before, but this child's hair and eyes are to. die. for. Is it wrong to be envious of a six month old? I digress . . . Special thanks to Daddy David for taking time off work to make it to the shoot (and for lugging props all around). Nicole, you looked absolutely gorgeous, and the special bond you have with Miss M is so very sweet to document. Thanks for coming out to see me you guys, and enjoy your sneak!

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