Tuesday, November 3, 2009

facebook & co.

I've gone back and forth on the whole facebook thing for a few months now. Is it overkill? Do I really need another facebook account . . . while maintaining both a personal and professional blog . . . and two emails?!?!?! Well, after the 793rd person asked me today . . . and after much encouragement from my web-savvy brother, I decided to create one. And when I say I created one, I really meant my brother created one. I'm not that literate when it comes to gadgets and gizmos. The hubs gave me an iphone for Mother's Day, and I have yet to download an app. In fact, when people asked me what apps I had, I thought they came up with a hip new way to refer to the fruit (I love the gala, for what it's worth). I digress. What I'm trying to say is that haute shot photography is now on facebook. So, please, become a fan. And special, special thanks to Rachel, Rebecca, Kristina, Kristen, Diane, Kerri, Jason, Laura, Chris and Will, who were my first 10 fans before I went public. Seriously, thank you! To become a fan, click here. So, if I don't see you on this side of cyberspace, I guess I'll see you around the corner . . .

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