Sunday, November 29, 2009

terri & co.

Though I certainly enjoyed the almost week long break over Thanksgiving, it wasn't all play. While in Houston, I did have two sessions. . . . but since they were for my BFF and her haute sister, work felt more like . . . play. Terri and her brood were the first to get in front of the camera. Terri is so funny; she's Jenny's older sister. As the oldest, myself, I totally get her Type A-ness. Totally. And I appreciate it. Completely. She called the week before the session and we spent a good chunk of time just discussing her vision for the session. This would be Hayes' first family holiday card, and she wanted something just a bit edgier. She was envisioning plum, greys and brick. The girls, as always, were just too much fun. Sophie was ever the professional during her individual shots, and Miss Mia was constantly thinking about other shots I could do with the fam. "Jenn, what if I'm standing here, Mom is over there, Sophie is here . . . ." It was just too funny. Baby Hayes rocked the camera with his killer blues, and the whole family did a great job putting up with the insane amount of mosquitoes! Terri, great job on the outfits. Loved. It was so great seeing you and your gorgeous fam. Tell the girls to say hi to Parker and Michael for me . . . and enjoy your sneaky!

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