Wednesday, November 11, 2009

cindy & co.

I met this gorgeous family the other day for pictures @ sunset. Big Brother Taylor was in from Louisiana, and haute mama Cindy wanted to snap some pics of the brood. I was particularly honored as she had already booked a session with someone else through an auction she won. . . and then saw my work (thanks Pablo!), and decided to go with me. I had so much fun with her kids, even the quiet Taylor! Cooper and Nathan were such sweethearts (and future heart breakers!), and it just doesn't get any sweeter than baby Annabeth Grace. Surrounded by all those brothers, she was ever the princess, with nary a diva bone in her body! I instantly fell in love with the hair on these children, the eyes, the personalities . . . couldn't get enough. And when the sun started to set, and the boys had had enough of posing, we took to jumping off chairs (do not attempt this stunt at home, dear reader) and climbing trees. Cindy, thank you so much for thinking of me to take these pictures. It was an honor . . . and just too much fun. Hugs to the kiddies . . . and a fist bump to Taylor. Enjoy your sneaky!

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