Monday, November 16, 2009

amy & co.

Baby Boy Drew. At 4 months, he was such a sweet, calm little baby. Amy brought him out to see me so that we could surprise Mike with Father's Day pics of his new son. This time around I got to meet Mike, and I was so struck at the sweetness that this family of three exuded. I'm pleased to report that Drew is still as calm as can be; I honestly don't think he knows how to cry. Or even whimper. And those eyes. Absolutely breathtaking (as a side note: when I come home from a weekend of sessions, my two little ones always want to see who was in front of my camera; so I show them pics from the sessions. When they came to Drew's pictures, they both kept repeating, "His eyes are so blue! I've never seen eyes so blue!"). And his hair . . . five months ago it hinted to us that it might be red. There was no question as to what color it is now; I kept calling him Little Pumpkinhead (not sure how he'll feel about that in a few years). At 9 months, Drew has a mouth full of teeth, is crawling everywhere, and is clearly adored by his Mommy and Daddy . . . and me. Guys, thanks for letting me get my Pumpkinhead fix again. It was great meeting you, Mike, and Amy, thanks so much for the honor of working with your family again! I hope that you enjoy your 1st Thanksgiving with your son, and enjoy sneak . . .

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