Thursday, November 5, 2009

jenni & co.

Little Man Jay came out to play with me this morning. Daddy JP brought him out for his One Year portraits. The lighting could not have been better, the fall colors lovelier, or this adorable little boy sweeter. His deep baby blues were mesmerirzing, and he could throw me some soulful stares. He also could throw me some precious smiles, and I just had so much fun with him. Mr. Mom (JP) works from home two days a week, so he and his little boy are pretty tight. It was very sweet to see the bond they share. And believe me when I say, Jay is all boy. He definitely posed for me for a few seconds, but then it was off to exploring, inspecting leaves and just making me and Daddy laugh. Jay turns one on Saturday (mama Jenni was up late last night preparing for the arrival of grandparents and the party on Saturday), and he learned to walk about two months ago. And, boy oh boy, was he all over the place! At the end of our session, when we said our good-byes, he spontaneously leaned in and gave me the sweetest little hug. Ever. Such a cutie, and it was so much fun capturing this milestone in his little life. Jenni and JP, thanks for making it happen, and enjoy yourselves this weekend!

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