Monday, November 23, 2009

gen & co.

I last saw this gorgeous family a year ago next month. At the time, Miss Lily was just a baby. And a beautiful one at that. Now she's even lovelier, and running, and dancing, and counting all the way to 10. And she's only 17 months! This year Gen brought along her super sweet parents, Bob and Susan, in from Iowa for the weekend. Bob was so funny. I asked him to pose with his lovely wife, and when I told her to snuggle in to him, he laughed and said, "Only in Texas." Avery's former modeling career just makes him a natural in front of the camera, and Gen was just as sweet and laid back as ever. And Lily. What can I say. With those huge blue eyes and old-fashioned lips, she's just a dream to photograph. Guys, I'm so glad the rain held out. Hope house hunting was fun, and Bob and Susan, come back to Texas soon. Next time I'll have you two-step for the camera! Enjoy your hoiday, guys, and your sneaky!

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