Wednesday, November 18, 2009

kathy & co.

So this was a shoot I thought would never happen. Ever. Kathy (the barbie doll, with the blonde bob, skipping across the bridge with her wee ones) called to schedule a Playgroup Session months ago. I mean months ago. I think we may have still been in triple digit temps. Anyway, on the day of our session, it rained. So we had to scramble to find an alternative date. Which we did. But the day before that session, one of the lovely mamas came down with a nasty cold and we had to scramble to reschedule. Again. I was literally crossing my fingers and holding my breath all week, hoping yesterday's session would happen. I'm pleased to say, it was worth the wait. Aside from the really, really cold temps and blustery wind that decided to join us, we had a great time. The playgroup was founded by 5 lovely ladies who all bonded when they had daughters months apart from each other. Three years later, the group is still going strong . . . and now there is a bit of testosterone thrown in the mix, thanks to babies George and Mark. After we got the sibling and mama shots out of the way, the girls took to the park and set out for some fun: mermaid hunting, races, ring-around-the-rosy, and how high can you jump? were a few of the games they played in the sun. And they could not have been more adorable. At the end of the session, Annabelle found a bag of pretzels in her mama's bag. She sat down on the steep stairs leading up and out of the park. Her dear friends, Ellie and Bella, sat down beside her. Silently (Kate and Reese weren't far behind). Annabelle looked at both of them. At her pretzels. And then she reached in to the bag and pulled out a pretzel for each of them. So beyond sweet, and the perfect way to end a session based on fun and friendship and little girls. Kathy, thanks so much for ogranizing this shoot. Ladies, it was great meeting all of you . . finally. And it was so much fun working with your cuties! Honey and Jerry, thank you so much for your unbelievable help holding reflectors and what not. You were my chicest assistants yet, and I owe you a latte the next time we meet! Hope the Purple Cow was fun, ladies, and enjoy your sneak!

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