Sunday, December 6, 2009

kate & co.

Jack-a-Roo came to see me yesterday for his one year portraits. One year. I first met him when he was a few months old, saw him again for his six month pics, and then again a few months ago for a playdate session. In short, I can't believe it's been a year. And I know it sounds borderline creepy, but I really do think of these babies as mine. At least for an hour or two. So when my babies come back to see me, with a first tooth, and then crawling . . . and then in Jack's case, with a head full of gorgeous gold hair and running circles around all of us . . . it just amazes me. Kate, Scott, Bill and Jeannie (grandparents in from Indiana) rounded out the entourage that joined Jack for some smiles and fun. The session was originally planned for outdoors, but the 22 degree temps made us reconsider braving the elements . . . although we did manage to shoot outside for at least half an hour. "We're hearty folk," Kate explained. "We're from Indiana." Kate, if you recall, just has this amazing eye for decorating, and that clearly spills over into prop making. She made Jack's knit cap, she wrapped giant presents to coordinate with the tike's long johns, and she color coordinated balloons and a smash cake with Jack's "let him eat cake" sequence. In short, I might hire her part time as my own personal Rachel Zoe. And, speaking of the cake sequence, all of my recent smash cakers have been little ladies. In every sense of the word. They take dainty little licks of frosting off their finger, they barely nibble the actual cake, and when we're done there is nary a mess . . . So it was very funny to see Jack do the complete opposite. I think he had destroyed the cake in 2.8 seconds and devoured it in 8.2. All boy, indeed! It's always a delight, and such a huge compliment, when clients come back to me throughout the year. And it's such a bittersweet delight when they come back for a milestone like this session. Guys, as always, it was so much fun. Thanks for letting me be a part of this moment. Enjoy your sneak . . . and "blue, 42" to Mr. Jack!

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  1. LOVE them!!! It's amazing that Jack is already a year old!!!