Sunday, December 20, 2009

table trimmings

If I thought maybe I needed a jolt of extra Christmas Spirit (and let's be honest, I've been listening to holiday tunes since 11/1), I certainly got plenty of it at Wesley Prep's annual Table Trimmings holiday extravaganza a few weeks ago! Chaired by 12 of the hauttest little ladies around, the gala was unbelievable. The idea behind it is to auction off items in an effort to raise funds. Each item gets a table . . . and each table is completely decorated, off the hook, in a fun, festive way that ties the theme of the item in. One table was adorned with a bust and the tablecloth was fashioned into a prom gown, with all these beautiful place settings (name cards read, "Most Likely to Succeed", "Class Clown", etc.) . . . table after table, all beautifully, beautifully decorated. It was amazing. There were so many wonderful vendors in attendance, as well, and I was able to finish up my Christmas shopping right there! The school's choir, dressed a la Dickens, sang holiday tunes to the several hundred guests . . . who all nibbled on the most delicious smelling foods around. An extraordinarily elegant affair that was flawlessly executed. And I seriously walked away with so many fun ideas for my next tablescape . . . . Courenay, job well done. Thanks so much for letting me be a part of Table Trimmings '09. I hope the event was a success!

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