Sunday, December 20, 2009

pam & co.

Last December I told myself I was going to wrap up work by 12/12 of this year. And all year I stuck to that promise. The theory behind it being that I could enjoy the rest of the holiday season with my own little elves. But about two months ago, Pam emailed me to book a family session. Her baby brother, she explained, was going to be in from the army the weekend before Christmas . . . she didn't need to go on. I immediately heard Bing singing "I'll Be Home for Christmas", and we booked the session for yesterday afternoon. Pam's family was so sweet. Truly. And little Lucas, the 6 month old first grandchild, was just a dream. And Sweet William, yes Pam's baby brother shares the same name with my own baby brother, was such a sport. I told Pam to have him bring his army garb, and he did. The whole family indulged me as we took some Norman Rockwellesque Coming Home shots. The only thing missing was a soft snowfall that I had requested all week. It was a such a bittersweet session. While we all laughed and the family shared smile after smile, it was hard not to recognize the irony: as the family looks forward to sharing Lucas' first holiday with them, they must prepare for the fact that this will be William's last holiday before being sent off on his first assignment. And, of course, I had to dry my eyes about 1/2 a dozen times between shots just thinking about it. I honestly could not think of a sweeter way to close a year of sessions with all of my amazing families, and it truly, truly was an honor to share these moments with this one. Pam, thank you so much for letting me work with you guys. And please give my sincerest thanks to William for being such a sport. Kisses to Lucas, and the happiest of holidays!

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