Thursday, December 3, 2009

andrea & co.

Miss Sadie. Or Ladybug, depending on who asks. She and her very patient parents came out to see me yesterday. Sadie is 2.5 weeks old and just beautiful. And while she made it perfectly clear that she was not a fan of the naked baby shots (nor was Daddy, come to think of it), she did allow us to take a few. Andrea brought along some great props (a hat knitted by Grandma, one from Etsy), including a little glass ladybug. Apparently that is Sadie's nickname, and I think those who call her that will appreciate the picture below. I absolutely loved this child's name, and I asked how they came up with it (was it a family name, etc.). "There's an App for that," was Jeff's quick reply . . . turns out they used an App on their iphone to look up baby names, and Sadie was the one that moved them the most. I thoroughly enjoyed myself with this family of three, and it was such an honor getting to work with them during this special time. Especially when Jeff started talking shop: he just purchased a new Canon and is looking to buy a new lens for indoor shooting without flash (and since I'm a Nikon girl, to Competitive Cameras I referred him, dear reader). Guys, she's just gorgeous. Thank you for letting me capture this time in your lives. Enjoy your weekend, and your sneak!


  1. The photos are fabulous and she is a georgeous baby. Of course, I am her grandmother so maybe I'm biased. Can't wait to see more!

  2. ahhhhhhhh! She is beautiful! Fabulous pics, too.