Wednesday, December 9, 2009

tracey & co.

Little Miss Winslet. We were supposed to take belly shots of her in mama's tummy the week of Thanksgiving. But she had already entered the world 5 weeks prior. You can do the math, dear reader, but this was not a good thing. Well, actually, it was a good thing because it saved her little life. But my goodness, what a dramatic little life she's led ever since. Lots of medical issues that even House would find baffling. But with lots of love, prayers and patience, we're all hoping things are on the up swing. At 9 weeks, she's only 6 pounds. And ever so sleepy. It was like working with a newborn-newborn, and Tracey brought lots of fun little props for our session. This was my fourth time to work with the family, and little Nolan was ever the professional. And once I let him climb up and down on my ghetto-fab step stool, he was all smiles. I really can't imagine what the last 9 weeks must have been like for this family. Well, I guess I can imagine it, but I don't like to go there. The ironic thing, though, after all this stress and turmoil, Tracey and Lamar both just had this calmness about them . . . which you really wouldn't expect given their last 2.5 months. After pictures, the family was off to the hematologist to run more bloodwork on baby Winslet, which I'm hoping will have fabulous results. Guys, thanks for coming out to see me. She is as lovely as her name, and a humbling reminder of just how precious life is. Blessings, health and happiness to all four of you in the New Year, and kisses to the littlest littles!

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