Friday, December 11, 2009

lisa & co.

Where to begin, dear reader? Where. To. Begin. Jake (8) used to play on my son's teeball team. And when I say play, I mean dominated. He was unbelievably talented both behind the plate and in the field. We were all devastated when he moved on to the Big Boy league. Fast forward two years later, and imagine my surprise when during Meet the Teacher Night this past August, my son's teacher turned out to be none other than Jake the Great's Mom! I didn't even know she was a teacher, and all of my fears about sending my baby boy off to Kindergarten instantly vanished. As of right now, Abby (6), Jake's sister is in the kindergarten class across the hall. And at recess, she and another little girl are constantly chasing my Jacob on the playground. Constantly. It's actually become a joke in my household: "Guess how many girls were after me today?" Jacob will ask at the dinner table. Rounding out Lisa's Fabulous Three is little Hudson (3). Who is Quite. The. Ham. Bone. Quite. And so adorable. All three of these kiddies were such sweeties, minded so well and really flashed me some fabulous smiles! Despite the cold, we had lots of fun and captured some great moments! When I got home last night, I told Jacob that Abby was a cutie. "I know," he said sheepishly. "I see her everyday." Not sure why he isn't doing the chasing right now, but I guess I should be grateful it's the other way around. Lisa, I loved the outfits, and against the golden field, the colors just popped! It was such an honor working with your children, and thanks for taking such good care of my little one on a daily basis! Enjoy your weekend, and your sneak!

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