Tuesday, December 1, 2009

leslie & co.

O. M. G. Meet Collin and Christopher, twin brothers who just turned 6 months (and have more teeth than you'd believe!), and are just the sweetest little things. Ever. Mama Leslie brought them out to the studio for pictures this morning, and I had so much fun with them. I honestly could brag about these cuties all day. In fact, I did. Absolute sweehearts. And there were so many "favorites" from the session; it was really hard to narrow them down to a few. Craziest thing about Leslie: she was a referral from Brooke's mom. I've never met Leslie before, yet through small talk, we realized we both grew up in the same little West Texas town of Abilene! Granted, we went to rival high schools, but how crazy is that? And how cute are her boys? Special thanks to Miss Kristi, the boy's super sweet nanny, who came along to lend an extra hand. You guys were so much fun. And, truly, the boys were absolute sweethearts. Love the sweet snuggle Christopher is showing Collin in the ski hat shot . . . and love the sweet cheeks on both of these boys. Enjoy your sneak, Leslie. And go, Cougars!

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  1. Colling and Christopher are the CUTEST babies! The pictures are awesome and the subject matter is the best! But I'm biased, I got to hold them as newborns! - Marnie Meyer