Monday, December 7, 2009

grady & co.

I met Macy (8) and Whitney (5) this past September, when I took their pictures during Little Saints and Scholar's fall family sessions. I immediately fell in love with them. They were sweet, spirited and so much fun. During that session, their mama, Grady, told me the she was from Abilene, and that she was Celia's sister-in-law. She also mentioned that she was expecting a baby in a few months. Well, Grady loved the pictures so much that she decided she wanted to have baby Kelly's pictures taken. Which brings us to yesterday. A long time ago, when I first started doing this professionallly, I remember thinking to myself, "Gosh, I'd love to shoot a redhead . . . " I don't know what it was about that wish, dear reader, but the photography gods must have heard me. Clearly. Because ever since that wish, I've received a steady little stream of redheaded newborns. And Baby Kelly Dawn was no exception. She had SOOOO much hair (especially for being three weeks), and it was SOOOO red! Delicious. Big sisters were so sweet, so patient, and the only time they "fought" was when it came time to decide who would get to hold Kelly in the pictures. While shooting they told me all about their Elf on the Shelf (you can bet that my house will be hosting one this afternoon), how much they love their cousins, and how when they were Kelly's age, they loved to stare at the Christmas tree. Just genuinely good little girls, as I'm sure the Elf on the Shelf is reporting to Santa on a daily basis. Except for one minor little hiccup: Whintey's propensity to cut her own bangs. This was the fourth time the little hairdresser took to cutting them (because, "they got in my way"). Grady assured me she did no touch ups to the job, and I was quite impressed with the perfect angle at which Whitney cut them. So edgy. Apparently Whitney has her sights on being a hair dresser when she grows up, and I'd say she's got a pretty good eye for it already. For being a mother of three, Grady was super calm and laidback, and just fun. Which is clearly reflected in her girls. My only problem with her, actually, was that when her car wouldn't start in the driveway, she refused to come inside to wait for someone to come and jump it (which, thankfully, someone did). I love the last pic of the four of them, because it accurately depicts their personalities. Grady, it was so much fun. Thanks for sharing your sweeties with me, and enjoy your sneak!

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  1. These are so fantastic!!! They have exceeded my expectations!!!! You did a great job of capturing the girls' personalities and I can't wait to see the rest of them!!! Thanks for your endless patience with letting me get Kelly to sleep everytime she woke up.