Sunday, August 31, 2008

joelle, laura, & co.

Yesterday 4 incredibly fun parents, 2 beyond adorable tots and 1 little-boy-on-the-way joined me at a local park for a fun (but very humid) photo shoot. When I sent out my Intro to the Photography World email this past April, Joelle forwarded it on to friends. Who booked me. And then they forwarded my name on to friends. Who booked me. And so on and so on. So, I have always given credit to Joelle for helping me start my biz. When she first booked this Labor Day weekend session a few months back, it was primarily for a maternity session. But a few weeks ago, Joelle called to say that her dear friends from Houston were coming into town, and that they wanted to have a photo shoot, too. Hence, Laura & Co. and our fun morning at the park. With bubbles, tutus, lollipops and some very fascinating discussions on the dangers of deodorant and cell phone usage, we managed to capture some very sweet moments. Joelle, great location choice. Laura, I had so much fun with you and your adorable family. And mucho thanks to the Super Dads for lugging all my stuff around; such a treat!

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