Saturday, August 9, 2008

lauren & co.

Now, I know what you are all thinking: how in the world did Jennifer get to do a maternity shoot with Evangeline Lily? And when did Evangeline get pregnant; I thought she and that Hobbit guy broke up two years ago. And will Jack and Kate ever work out their crazy differences? And will the Oceanic 7 ever get back to the island? . . . But, no. These sneak peeks are not of Ms. Lily, but her obviously separated-at-birth twin sis, Lauren (and Lauren's sweet hubby, Wayne). I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with this beyond wonderful couple. They were so warm and inviting, and both were so unbelievably agreeable and open to all my different ideas. Very easy to work with and so very patient, which is a pretty good indicator that they'll make fantastic first-time parents. Thanks, guys, for a fun afternoon; Lauren, you looked lovely. And a special thanks to Wayne for lugging around the step stool all day! Congrats to both of you, and best of luck!

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